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Welcome to the OpenFarm Network

OpenFarm provides Emerging Farmers Data & Insights to make well-informed decisions, and a Marketplace of Inputs & Services tailored to meet your Production & Marketing needs at competitive prices

Lower Production Cost & Market Link

with a Marketplace of Input & Service providers competing for your business. Access to soil testing and farm equipments are just a few of the services available from our partner network of providers.


Access to Expertise & Network

with periodic information sessions accessible offline and offline, connecting you to leading agronomists, agribusiness professionals, and a community of other progressive Farmers you can connect with.

briefing icon

Stay abreast of developments in the Agricultural sector with trends on the commodity market, investments, interventions, with food and farm security updates.

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A single source of truth to track the prices of agro-commodities and farm inputs, with access to market updates, contacts and trends.


As a member of the OpenFarm Network, you have access to Agronomists online and offline. You also get to connect with other Emerging Farmers with shared experiences and interests.

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Expositions on value chains with the latest data on their production, market demand, key players and geographic spread for Agribusiness Owners and Professionals.

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Members receive personalized production plans with recommended agronomic practices; an overview of the inputs required for optimal yield; cost estimates and potential returns.


We are building a network of partner providers who give OpenFarm members access to services at enticing discounts and competitive deals.


We have received a few as team and individually for our work on OpenFarm


What People Say about OpenFarm

“You are gradually changing the face of agricultural data in Nigeria. Kudos.”

– Nduibuisi Onyeri,
Chief Statistician National Coordinator
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

“I am happy to be a member of your impressive network.  I have always found it informative and relevant to my work.”

– Y.M. Abdullahi, PhD
Principal Agricultural Extension Specialist

Head, Department of Agricultural Extension and Economics, NAERLS

“I enjoy reading your reports and articles. It is very rich, comprehensive and educational. Please keep up the good work.”

– Ambassador Jaiyeola J Lewu

“I commend this innovative effort towards Agricultural development.”

Dr Adeyemi O. Olojede
Cassava Systems Agronomist | Assistant Director, NRCI
President, Agricultural Society of Nigeria.

“I must commend your efforts with the open farm briefings, it is quite impressive.”
Lolade Johnson, GM, British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation

About OpenFarm

At OpenFarm, we believe Emerging Farmers are key to the realization of Africa’s agricultural sector growth to a $1 Trillion sector. Therefore, we are committed to building a network which have equips Emerging Farmers with insights to make well-informed decisions and inputs and services for their production needs.

The digital network leverages the data provided by members to aggregate and forecast the need of our members which are met via a marketplace of inputs and service providers competing for the business of our members.

You can reach us via