Sasini PLC is a public quoted Company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange with over 6,000 shareholders, majority of whom are Kenyans.

The principal activities of this Company, which straddle the breadth of Kenya, are the growing and processing of Tea, Coffee, Avocado and Macadamia nuts, dairy operations and value addition of the related products for local retail and export markets, including tea warehousing facilities in the port town of Mombasa.


Our tea operations include growing, processing, warehousing and marketing of bulk tea through the Mombasa auction and through direct sales to customers overseas. About 99% of the produce is exported to United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East Countries. Our Tea farms are located in the Highlands West of the Rift Valley in Sotik.


Our coffee operations include coffee growing and forestry. Coffee is grown on six independent estates in the Central Highland of Kenya covering a total of 775 Hectares (1,915 acres) under coffee. Collectively, the plantations have a capacity to produce an average of 1200MT of coffee annually. The coffee plantations are specifically situated in Kiambu County near Nairobi and Nyeri on the foot hills of Mount Kenya. The coffee comprising 90% is exported directly to overseas roasters and trade houses across Europe, Asia and America while the balance is offloaded through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.


As part of the continuing diversification initiatives, macadamia nuts processing has been introduced in an export processing zone in Kiambu County. The Company has also intercropped macadamia trees with the coffee trees to sustain future supplies. The mature nuts in shell in their unprocessed form are also sourced from other farms within the region. The nuts are processed in the newly built ultramodern processing factory and the nuts are mainly exported to United Kingdom, Europe and U.S.A, among others.


In the newly launched avocado line of business, the Company processes and markets the fruits for export to United Kingdom, Europe and America, among others. About 50% of the fruits are sourced from our out growers. The group has also planted own avocado trees to sustain production.

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