Management Services


  • To truly maximize the client’s assets with our unique blend of vision, ability and dedication
  • To deliver full service, pro-active management through our highly skilled support team
  • To offer a more personalized management alternative to investors

Property and Asset Management

We have the full circle of thoroughly experienced real estate professionals on our team. From Due Diligence to Acquisition, through Holding, to disposition, we will maximize your investment.

Financial and Administrative Management

We provide creative budget development and monitoring which includes concise monthly reporting to the client by the 15th of each month, using the Yardi accounting system. We also ensure that current legislation is used to the best advantage of the client.

Receiver – Manager Services

We are ready for prompt action when receivership services are required – with immediate notice to tenants, attornment of rents, bailiff and sheriff services, receiver collections and management through default and distress occurrences.

Development of Commercial and Residential Leasing Programs

We know that tenant retention is key to success in real property investment. We will work with your leasing representatives to develop programs designed to keep units occupied by well selected, reliable tenants. Our broad vision and incredible marketing program includes regular market surveys, brochure design, model suite design and high tech advertising.

Physical Management

Capital improvement projects are prepared and managed diligently with skillful tenant/ contractor co-ordination. Building plants are efficiently maintained, by knowledgeable staff with an attention to detail.

Strategic Communication

We are committed to understanding and communicating your needs effectively. We will ensure that tenants, trades and prospects receive clear and concise information.

Exceptional Team Building skills

We utilize creative motivational methods to ensure that all areas of operations are handled with the highest level of professionalism. We treat all members of our team with respect and encourage their personal and career goals.

Superior Planning and Decision Making Skills

Reposition your asset confidently. Let our team show you our demonstrated ability to increase your net operating income and cash flows.

Condominium Management

We offer broad experience in every aspect of condominium turnover and management. We ensure smooth transition from conceptual stages through to satisfactory condominium ownership. Our sound knowledge of the Condominium Act allows the Board of Directors to enjoy peace of mind, while we solidify the collective asset.