My First Apartment Checklist & Tips

A move to another home generally requires the coordination of professional moving services. But for those who are moving to an apartment, often such complex services are not required simply because the amount of furniture and personal belongings making the move does not require the efforts of – or price associated with – such professionals. In such a case, those who are moving may opt to coordinate the move themselves – along with the assistance of willing and able family and friends of course.

Schedule Help

Your first apartment – while often less cumbersome than a move to a larger, single family home – can still be overwhelming and will require detailed planning. Those planning a move should be sure to plan the days of their move with care, ensuring that the help that they need will be available. The creation of a calendar can even be helpful for all those involved as it will allow them to plan accordingly and set aside the time you need. Be sure to enlist assistance for packing as well moving.

There are several basic things that you will want to include in your calendar:

  • Enlisting family and friends for moving help
  • Checking moving quotes and reserving a moving truck
  • Collecting packing supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap
  • Filling out a forwarding address form at the post office for bills and mail
  • Confirming your move in date

Larger Items Last

It is always a good idea to move all lighter items – those that are boxed and can be easily transported by car – first; larger items including furniture should be the last to be moved. If you are bringing your furniture with you, it may be necessary to rent a larger truck in which to fit your items. Be sure that you get enough help to be able to lift and move these larger pieces. However, moving to an apartment may require that you purchase more suitable furniture. If furniture is being delivered have the delivery scheduled before anything else is moved into the apartment.

Rent A Truck

Even if you are moving to an apartment in another city, you do not necessarily have to engage the services of professional movers. With the availability of smaller, inexpensive moving trucks that you can drive yourself, you may be able to easily move all of your items in one trip.